Wireless recording of multichannel action potential for freely moving rat

Yu Hung Tsai, Yu Chieh Kao, Wei Ning Liu, Tsung Hsien Lin, Fu Shan Jaw

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The result of electrophysiological experiment reveals more realistic and integrated information while animals under testing are awake. For continuous and simultaneous multichannel wireless recording of action potentials, low-power and high data bandwidth are the most critical issues. A 400 MHz wireless recording system with 3 Mb/s data rate is presented in this paper. The front-end transmit module, including amplifiers and filters, draws 12 mA from a 3.7 V supply. To verify the system, a receive module with user interface is built specifically for the high data rate transmission. Reconstructed waveform from the receive module are 98.86% similar to the traditional wiring measurement.
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期刊IFMBE Proceedings
出版狀態已發佈 - 11月 9 2011

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