Tumoral calcinosis-like metastatic calcification in a patient on renal dialysis

Yung Tsung Huang, Chia Yuen Chen, Che Ming Yang, Min Szu Yao, Wing P. Chan

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Tumoral calcinosis-like metastatic calcification in a patient with uremia on dialysis has rarely been reported in the radiological literatures. This report describes the radiographic, scintigraphic, ultrasound, and CT findings of this condition in a 54-year-old man who had a clinical history of renal dialysis for 6 years. Elevation of serum phosphate and parathyroid hormone levels was noted. Physical examination revealed a hard, movable, and tender mass over his left arm. Plain radiographs of the left shoulder showed an amorphous massive calcification in the upper arm. Scintigraphy showed increased tracer accumulation in the soft tissue of the proximal portion of the left arm and both thighs, where CT scan revealed multilocular, amorphous, calcified masses in these areas. Scintigraphy can help in screening multiple lesions, and CT scan may further help in identifying the extent of a localized lesion such as joint involvement. Ultrasound showed localized multiloculated fluid accumulation within hyperechoic masses and perifocal interstitial fluid collection, which can help to determine the activity of the lesion. Ultrasound findings of tumoral calcinosis have not been reported before.

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期刊Clinical Imaging
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