Trends in Artificial Intelligence in Nursing: Impacts on Nursing Management

Ching-Yi Chang, Hsiu-Ju Jen, Wen-Song Su

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章同行評審


OBJECTIVE: Investigate the academic use of artificial intelligence in nursing.

BACKGROUND: Bibliometric analysis combined with the VOSviewer software quantification method has been utilized for literature analysis. In recent years, this approach has attracted the interest of scholars in various research fields. Thus far, there is no publication using bibliometric analysis combined with the VOSviewer software to analyze the applications of artificial intelligence in nursing.

METHOD: A bibliometric analysis methodology was used to search for relevant articles published between 1984 and March 2022. Six databases, Embase, Scopus, PubMed, CINAHL, WoS, and MEDLINE, were included to identify relevant studies, and data such as the year of publication, journals, country, institutional source, field, and keywords were analyzed.

RESULTS: Most relevant articles were published from institutions in the United States of America. The League of European Research Universities has published most research studies that use artificial intelligence and nursing. Scholars have mainly focused on nursing, medical informatics, computer science AI, health care sciences services, and physics particles fields. Commonly used keywords were machine learning, care, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, prediction, and nurse.

CONCLUSION: Research articles were mainly published in Nurse Education Today. Research topics such as artificial intelligence-assisted medical recording and medical decision-making were also identified. According to this study, artificial intelligence in nursing has the potential to attract more attention from researchers and nursing managers. Additional high-quality research beyond the scope of medical education, as well as on cross-domain collaboration, is warranted to explore the acceptability and effective implementation of artificial intelligence technologies.

IMPLICATIONS FOR NURSING MANAGEMENT: This study provides scholars and nursing managers with structured information regarding the use of artificial intelligence in nursing based on scientific and technological developments across different fields and institutions. The application of artificial intelligence can improve nursing management, nursing quality, safety management, and team communication, as well as encourage future international collaboration.

期刊Journal of Nursing Management
出版狀態打印前電子出版 - 8月 15 2022


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