Treatment of large jaw bone cysts in children

Kuo Ting Sun, Michael Y. Chen, Hsien Hsiung Chiang, Hung Huey Tsai

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Odontogenic cysts are classified into 2 main types based on their formation mechanism: inflammatory and developmental. Radicular cysts are the most common inflammatory cysts, while dentigerous cysts are developmental cysts. We report 2 radicular cysts that developed at the apices of nonvital primary teeth and 2 dentigerous cysts. All 4 patients were young girls who experienced swelling in the mandibular molar region. Panoramic radiographs revealed a large cyst under the primary second molar, displacing the permanent second premolar or first molar to near the mandible's lower border. The treatment plan was begun with conservative decompression. Patients were followed up for several years. The process is described.
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期刊Journal of Dentistry for Children
出版狀態已發佈 - 9月 2009

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