Traumatic dislocation of the hip

R. S. Yang, Y. H. Tsuang, Y. S. Hang, T. K. Liu

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Of 125 patients with traumatic dislocation of the hips treated, 96 were reviewed retrospectively; 80 were males and 16 females with an age range from seven to 81 years (mean, 33.5 years). Motorcycle accidents were the leading cause of traumatic dislocation in this series (40 cases, 42%). Associated injuries were found in 68 cases (70.8%). Seventy-seven hips (80%) were reduced within 24 hours. In follow-up periods ranging from 15 months to 18 years (mean, 7.5 years), 56 patients had excellent or good results (58.3%). Statistical analysis of the clinical results showed that those patients with simple dislocations had better functional recovery. The earlier the reduction, the better the results. Associated injuries affected prognoses. Good results were obtained in patients with early, stable, and accurate reductions by either closed or open methods.

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期刊Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research
出版狀態已發佈 - 1991

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