Transformations and inspirations with regard to medication therapy in psychiatric nursing

Kai Yen Chang, Shu Jen Shiau, I. Chao Liu, Fei Hsiu Hsiao, Yun Xuan Kang

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The main purpose of this research was to explore psychiatric nurses' growth in psychopharmacological therapy clinical competency following their participation in a clinical practice learning group focused on Concern, Care and Compassion (3C). Research subjects focused on those who had participated in the 3C learning group. Data was acquired using semi-structured interviews and qualitative study content analysis was employed for data analysis. Research results revealed the following two primary aspects about nurses: (1) Inspiration of the 'professional self', including reflection, reawakening and expectation and (2) Transformations in terms of medication therapy, including a shift from careless to caring, understanding, and empathy. Research results are intended to provide clinical psychiatric nurses with a helpful reference on psychopharmacological therapy.

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期刊Journal of Nursing and Healthcare Research
出版狀態已發佈 - 2009

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