Total dietary fiber content of polished, brown and bran types of Japonica and Indica rice in Taiwan: Resulting physiological effects of consumption

Hsing Hsien Cheng

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Total dietary fiber (TDF) content of polished, brown and bran of four types of Japonica rice and four types of Indica rice grown in Taiwan was analyzed. The effect on lipid metabolism in hamsters of polished, brown and bran of the TNG67 variety of rice was also investigated. The eight polished rice varieties had less TDF (mean 1.25%), and polished rice of TNG67 had the least TDF (0.22%). The eight rice brans had more TDF content than the polished or brown rice. The eight brown rice varieties all had twice the TDF content of the eight polished rices, except for TNG67, which had 12 times the TDF content. The TDF content of Japonica rice bran was higher than the TDF content of Indica. The rice bran of TN9 had the highest TDF (33.6%, p
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