The study of isotopic enrichment of water in human plasma and erythrocyte

Yuan Hau Lin, Ying Chi Wang, Mai Szu Wu, Kuo Cheng Lu, Hsin Yi Lin, Hsien Shou Kuo, Geen Dong Chang, Chun Mao Lin, Chiaolong Hsiao

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Life does not sustain without water. For water, there is a natural abundance of stable isotope hydrogen and oxygen. Water molecules get across cell membranes through a plasma membrane protein, named aquaporin. Moreover, the kidney is the main organ to maintain water homeostasis. Here, we study the stable isotopic ratios of hydrogen and oxygen in human blood plasma and erythrocyte corresponding to kidney functions. We extract waters from human plasma and erythrocyte, collected from 110 participants, including 51 clinically stable outpatients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and 59 subjects with normal renal function (NRF). We observed that (i) both extracellular (blood plasma) and intracellular (erythrocyte) biology waters are isotopic differences between the ESRD and NRF participants, (ii) the natural abundance of isotopic waters of ESRD is hypo-isotopic, and (iii) the isotopic enrichment of water between erythrocyte and blood plasma are distinct. In addition, we introduce an empirical formula using entropy transformation to describe isotopic water enrichment for biology. Accordingly, the natural abundance of stable isotope water of blood plasma and erythrocyte may be possibly put in practice a new sign for assessments of kidney dysfunctions.

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期刊FASEB Journal
出版狀態接受/付印 - 2020

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