The Past, Present and Future of People’s Republic of China’s Diplomacy

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China’s diplomacy has become an increasingly important factor in post-Cold
War international affairs. In fact, China is more actively extending its power to Central Asia, Western Asia, even Turkey, through its “Belt and Road Initiative,” which has changed the balance of power in the Asia Pacific and Indian Ocean.
This article discusses the features of the People’s Republic of China’s diplomacy.
Currently, the PRC’s diplomatic goals has become to contain Taiwan, seek control of international organizations, win other nations’ support, let the world understand the superiority of the Chinese Communist system, and support specially favored countries. In order to overcome China’s progress and threat, I argue that the United States and its allies should face the fact that the PRC’s diplomacy has created its own unique value, which is attractive for many countries in the world. Therefore, the United States should increase its assistance to other countries and re-evaluate its “strategic ambiguity” policy in the Taiwan Strait.
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期刊Taiwan Strategists
出版狀態已發佈 - 7月 2021


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