The effectiveness of care bundles in maintaining the skin integrity and reducing the incidence density of pressure ulcers in lung cancer inpatients

Wen Ling Lin, Chien Hua Tseng, Yi Jen Chung, Hsin Chu Chuang, Yun Lan Lin, Pi Hua Chang

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Background & Problems: Pressure ulcers are tissue defects that form on the skin as a result of progressive skin damage. Pressure ulcers are a skin-integrity-related care issue and an important clinical indicator of care quality, especially for lung cancer inpatients who face rapidly deteriorating health conditions due to multiple symptoms and the side effects of treatment. Treating severe pressure ulcers may consume considerable manpower, time, and medical resources. Pressure ulcers may be avoided or effectively treated when nurses conduct proper skin assessments and care for wounds properly.

Purpose: This project evaluates the effcacy of skin care bundles in terms of reducing the incidence density of pressure ulcers in lung cancer inpatients.

Resolution: Data gathered between January 2010 and March 2011 showed unstable incidence density for pressure ulcers. The average pressure-ulcer incidence density in lung cancer inpatients was 2.09%, which was 8-times higher than the average for all patients. Using evidence-based care bundles for pressure ulcer prevention, we trained nurse staffs to incorporate these bundles into their clinical daily care of lung cancer patients in our hospital.

Results: During the study period between November 2011 and January 2012, the pressure-ulcer incidence density gradually fell to 0.55%. The incidence density continued to fall to 0.33% over the subsequent 8 months.

Conclusions: We used the concept of "care bundles" to establish a standard skin-care protocol for advanced lung cancer inpatients. This protocol improved the clinical ability of nursing staffs and effectively maintained skin care quality in lung cancer patients.

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期刊Journal of Nursing
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