The correlation analysis of taiwan's main water treatment plants between upstream of the water turbidity and hydrological characteristics

Chung Sheng Liao, Chia Ling Chang, Shang Lien Lo, Ching Yao Hu, Jia Lin Ma

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Water resource management is more and more important in 21st Century. Global climate change increases the occurring frequency of extreme weather events. Typhoon frequently attacks Taiwan in recent years. Heavy rainstorm can cause landslides and debris flows, which threaten the local environment and citizens' lives. High turbidity water would impact water treatment plants and increase the uncertainty of water supply. This study applies Back-Propagation Network (BPN) model to assess the relationship between hydrologic properties in upstream watershed and the turbidity of raw water in three major water treatment plants in Taiwan. The result shows that rainfall property is highly related to turbidity of raw water in Ban-Xin water treatment plant. Early prediction systems of turbidity can be established according to the results of relationship analysis.

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期刊Journal of Taiwan Agricultural Engineering
出版狀態已發佈 - 六月 2011


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