The autosynthetic and solid extraction method developed on [F-18]flumazenil radiosynthesis

Jenn Tzong Chen, Kang Wei Chang, Yean Hung Tu, Wuu Jyh Lin

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This study represents the newly developed autosynthetic and purification method for radiofluorinated flumazenil [18F]FMZ as the brain GABA/BZR receptor antagonist imaging agent. It represents a fast and convenient way to produce [18F]FMZ and is much easier to meet GMP compliance than preparative HPLC process. The process takes 45 minutes, decay corrected yield is 20-30%, and the radiochemical purity of the product is higher than 95%. The lipophilicity is a little higher partition coefficient with 1.49±0.12 which represents the high capability of penetrating the blood-brain barrier (BBB). An ex vivo study of this product bound to brain whole-hemisphere sections demonstrated complete inhibition of a BZR agonist which proved the capability of the newly developed solid extraction purification method can be applied in non-carrier added 18F-flumazenil preparation for further animal and clinical studies.
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期刊Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals
出版狀態已發佈 - 五月 1 2010

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