Testicular adult type granulosa cell tumor: a very rare case report and review of literature

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Granulosa Cell Tumors (GrCT) are rare sex cord-stromal neoplasms of the gonads and can be classified into adult and juvenile types. GrCT arise more commonly from the ovary than the testis; and juvenile type Granulosa Cell Tumors (jGrCT) are more prevalent among male than female. A review of the literature shows less than 50 reported cases of adult Granulosa Cell Tumor (aGrCT) and it is still an extremely rare type of testis tumors. We report an elderly male diagnosed of aGrCT in the left testis. Radical orchiectomy was performed and no further treatment. Pathology report confirmed GrCT. Immunoprofile of the tumor was vimentin (+), inhibin-alpha (+), Bcl-2 (+), calretinin (-), CLA (-), S-100 (-) and CD99 (-).
KEYWORDS: Testis tumor; Radical orchiectomy; Adult type granulosa cell tumor
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期刊Urol An-drol Open J
出版狀態已發佈 - 2016