Temporal arteritis

Chun Hsiung Chen, Shih Ya Kung, Ying Yang Tsai, Hsien Tzung Liao, Chung Tei Chou, De Feng Huang

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Temporal arteritis, a chronic inflammatory vasculitis involving medium- and large-sized arteries, has rarely been reported in Asia. However, we report 2 cases, in which the patients initially presented with headache. Physical examination disclosed engorged, hard and palpable vessels in the temporal areas. Temporal-artery biopsy revealed 2 different types of arteritis: the multinucleated giant cell type and the panarteritis type without multinucleated giant cells. One patient was positive for immunoglobulin G anticardiolipin antibody. The pathologic findings of the different subsets of temporal arteritis, and the relationship between anticardiolipin antibody and the extent of vascular complications of temporal arteritis, are discussed.

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期刊Journal of the Chinese Medical Association
出版狀態已發佈 - 七月 2005

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