Systemic lupus erythematosus presented as extensive longitudinal myelitis

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Background: longitudinal myelitis (LM) is defined by the continuous lesion of more than four spinal cord segments. LM is a rare variant of acute transverse myelitis and it frequently presented poor responses to immunomodulatory therapy, which resulted in severe and disabling sequelae. We reported a case of acute longitudinal myelitis involving extensive lesions from cervical spinal cord to conus medullaris caused by newly diagnosed SLE. Case Report: A 39 years old man who was previously healthy presented to our hospital due to acute urinary retention with progressive lower limb weakness for a week. Brisk deep tendon reflexes in upper limbs and decreased reflexes in lower limbs were noted on admission. The pin-prick, vibration, and light touch sensations were decreased in the lower limbs. Spinal MRI sagittal view showed an T2WI bright up mass in the spinal cord below C3/4 level with extension to conus medullaris. He was diagnosed SLE based on ARA criteria. After ruling out mimics including NMO and MS, SLE with LM explained what happened to him . Conclusion: Given the poor prognosis of SLE with LM, which resulted in severe and disabling sequelae. More comprehensive understand of the disease course, real mechanisms and treatment strategy are needed.
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