Synthesis and biological evaluation of 2-quinolineacrylamides

Shih Wei Wang, Mei Hsiang Lin, Fu Chun Hsu, Mei Chuan Chen, Jing Ping Liou, Yi Ting Liu, Shiou Sheng Chen, Hsueh Yun Lee

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A series of C6-substituted N-hydroxy-2-quinolineacrylamides (3–15), with four types of bridging groups have been synthesized. Most of these compounds exhibit antiproliferative activity against A549 and HCT116 cells and Western blot analysis revealed that they are able to inhibit HDAC. Measurement of the HDAC isoform activity of ether-containing compounds showed that compound 9 has distinct HDAC6 selectivity, more than 300-fold over other isoforms. This paper describes the development of 6-aryloxy-N-hydroxy-2-quinolineacrylamides as potential HDAC6 inhibitors.

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期刊Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry
出版狀態已發佈 - 二月 1 2020

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