Study of brain growth in children-a new approach to volume measurements using MRI-reconstructed 3D neuroimaging

Ein-Yiao Shen, Kuan Hsun Wu, Ming Fan Lin, Chia Yuan Chen

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Objective: The three-dimensional (3D) reconstructed neuroimages are currently available to analyze brain structure. It provides a new tool for clinical evaluation and academic research on brain. However, there are several methods for processing 3D images. In this article, we present a technique that utilizes a work station and a software program to process reconstructed 3D neuroimages after magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanning. Methods: The brain volumes of 50 normal children aged between 3 months and 12 years and 11 months were measured by 3D neuroimages reconstructed from regular MRI scans. These results were then analyzed statistically against the growth curve. Results: The regression curve of cortical growth was y∈=∈39.317Ln(x) ∈+∈631.31, R 2∈=∈0.1318. The regression curve of white matter growth was y∈=∈81.754Ln(x)∈+∈186.07, R 2∈=∈0.5675. The regression curve of whole brain growth was y∈=∈121.07Ln(x)∈+∈817.738, R 2∈=∈0. 4077. Current studies show that at the postnatal stage, the cortex grows mainly between birth and 4 years of age. At the same time, the postnatal development of the brain depends mainly on the growth of white matter from birth through adolescence. Conclusions: This study presents the basic data from a study of children's brains using reconstructed 3D brain images. A 3D reconstructed neuroimage provides a new tool for neurological and psychological in vivo research of the brain. Based on the techniques we introduce here, the clinician may evaluate the growth of the brain in a more efficient and precise manner.
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