Stage migration influences on stage-specific survival comparison between D1 and D3 gastric cancer surgeries

C. W. Wu, C. A. Hsiung, S. S. Lo, M. C. Hsieh, J. H. Chen, A. F. Li, W. Y. Lui, J. Whang-Peng

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Aims. We evaluate the influency stage migration in a randomised trial comparing D1 (N 1 lymphadenectomy) and D3 (N 1, 2 and 3 lymphadenectomy) dissections. Methods. Two hundred and thirteen curatively resected pati ents were analysed, with this TNM data. Results. After applying D3 patients' data according to simulated D1 staging, D3 resections were associated with up-staging to N2-3 levels in 8% of patients according to the N stage. The likelihood of N-status migration increased with increasing depth of invasion into the gastric wall. The increases in the calculated survival rate after stage migration on known 5-year survival rates were: 2% in stage IB, 1% in stage II, 4% in stage IIIA, and 1% in stage IIIB. Conclusions. Stage mi gration secondary to meticulous lymph node dissection affects stage-specific survival rates. True therapeutic survival benefit of D3 resection can only be assessed in this context.
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期刊European Journal of Surgical Oncology
出版狀態已發佈 - 三月 1 2005


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