Spontaneous totally thrombosed pseudoaneurysm mimicking a tendon tear of the wrist

Shih Wei Huang, Ta Sen Wei, Sen Yung Liu, Wei Te Wang

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Wrist pseudoaneurysm is commonly caused by iatrogenic procedures such as blood gas puncture, arterialvenous shunting for hemodialysis, or noniatrogenic causes such as blunt trauma. The mechanism of pseudoaneurysm formation is arterial wall damage with subsequent blood leakage that collects in surrounding tissue. This article presents a case of a 32-year-old woman who had sudden onset left wrist pain with a snap sound and a mass 1 cm in diameter after pulling a heavy object while working. A wrist flexor tendon tear was diagnosed after evaluation. Musculoskeletal ultrasound revealed a partially thrombosed pseudoaneurysm. The wrist pseudoaneurysm was totally thrombosed and symptoms subsided after 3 weeks of follow-up. This case study reminds us that pseudoaneurysm could be easily confused with other wrist diseases. We discuss the differential diagnosis and management of wrist pseudoaneurysm as a reference for clinical practice.

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