SLC34A2 as a novel marker for diagnosis and targeted therapy of breast cancer

Dar Ren Chen, Su Yu Chien, Shou Jen Kuo, Ying Hock Teng, Hsiu Ting Tsai, Jehn Hwa Kuo, Jing Gung Chung

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The purpose of this study was to estimate the role of the SLC34A2 gene in breast cancer. A total of 146 samples were collected from breast cancer tissues and their adjacent normal breast tissues. Reverse transcription and real-time polymerase chain reaction were used to estimate gene expression levels. There was a significantly increased gene expression of SLC34A2 (normal tissues: 6.71±0.77; tumour tissues: 10.29±0.80) among breast cancer tissues compared with normal tissues. However, there was no significant association between overall survival and the gene expression level of SLC34A2. Moreover, a significant overexpression of CA125 (normal tissues: 7.26±0.62; tumour tissues: 10.51±0.58) in breast cancer tissues and a significant correlation between SLC34A2 and CA125 gene expressions were found. Our results suggested SLC34A2 to be involved in the development of breast cancer; this gene may therefore be a novel marker for the detection of breast cancer and act as a target gene in therapeutic strategies.

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期刊Anticancer Research
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