Sharing patient care records over the World Wide Web

C. T. Liu, A. G. Long, Y. C. Li, K. C. Tsai, H. S. Kuo

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In order to obtain appropriate medical care, patients can be referred or transported from one hospital to another based on the capacity, capability and quality of medical care provided by hospitals. Therefore, enabling patient care records to be shared among hospitals is essential not only in delivering the quality of medical care services but also in saving medical expenses. Currently, most patient care records are paper-based and not well organized. Hence, they are usually incomplete and can hardly be accessed in time. The authors in this paper present methods to structure and represent patient care records, design mechanisms for interpreting and integrating the XML-based patient care records into the existing hospital information systems. More importantly, in our approach, each significant piece of medical record is associated with a tag based on the syntax and semantics of the XML. The XML-based medical records enable a computer to capture the meaning and structure of the document on the web. The authors have developed a unified referral information system in which patient care records can be shared among hospitals over the Internet. It can not only facilitate the referral process but also maintain the integrity of a patient's medical record from distributed hospitals. The workflow of the system basically follows the existing manual system and can easily be adapted. The working group on integration of municipal hospital information systems, Department of Health, Taipei City Government, has decided to adapt this system for referral practice among the municipal hospitals.

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期刊International Journal of Medical Informatics
出版狀態已發佈 - 2001

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