Serum osteocalcin and vitamin D in postmenopausal diabetic azotemics.

K. C. Lu, S. D. Shieh, S. H. Chyr, S. H. Lin, B. L. Li, L. K. Diang, W. Q. Chen, Y. F. Lin

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To clarify the role of serum vitamin D and bone remodeling markers in postmenopausal diabetic azotemics, we designed a study involving 3 different postmenopausal patient groups. Group I consisted of 20 diabetic women with renal insufficiency who were not yet on dialysis therapy. Group II consisted of 15 age-matched nondiabetic women with comparable degrees of renal insufficiency. Group III consisted of 20 age-matched women with normal renal function. We investigated the overnight fasting serum 25 (OH) vit-D, 1,25(OH)2 vit-D3, osteocalcin (OC), bone isoenzyme of alkaline phosphatase (ALK-PB) and intact parathyroid hormone (I-PTH) levels in these cases. The serum I-PTH and OC levels were statistically significantly higher, whereas 1,25(OH)2vit-D3 were significantly lower in Group I and Group II patients than in Group III patients. We found no significant correlation between elevation of I-PTH and reduced 1,25(OH)2 vit-D3 levels in Group I and Group II patients. I-PTH levels correlated positively with OC in Group I and Group II patients. There was no significant difference in serum 25(OH) vit-D among these 3 groups of patients. We conclude that (1) serum OC level may serve as a good parameter in evaluating secondary hyperparathyroidism in postmenopausal azotemics with or without diabetes, (2) even in the presence of menopause, renal failure per se is the main factor in determining serum 1,25(OH)2 vit-D3 levels in diabetic azotemics.

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期刊Diabetes Research
出版狀態已發佈 - 1993

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