Selective separation of virus proteins and double-stranded RNAs by SDS-KCl precipitation

Joseph K.K. Li, Todd Johnson, Yi Yuan Yang, Vicki Shore

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The total viral structural polypeptides and the double-stranded genomic RNAs of bluetongue virus can be selectively separated by a single SDS-KCl precipitation step. This simple, rapid and highly reproducible method enables greater than 95% recovery and purity of both viral proteins and dsRNAs within 30 min. The serotypic identity of the separated dsRNAs can be analyzed by SDS-PAGE electrophorogram immediately. After a single phenol/chloroform extraction, the dsRNA can also be used as hybridization probes, templates for molecular cloning and direct RNA sequencing. The SDS-KCl-precipitated viral proteins could be used readily for peptide mapping and as immunogens. Polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies raised against SDS-KCl-precipitated viral structural polypeptides were useful in Western immunoblots.

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期刊Journal of Virological Methods
出版狀態已發佈 - 十月 1989

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