Scaffolds and cell-based tissue engineering for blood vessel therapy

Kai Hsia, Chao Ling Yao, Wei Min Chen, Jian Haw Chen, Hsinyu Lee, Jen Her Lu

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The increasing morbidity of cardiovascular diseases in modern society has made it crucial to develop a small-caliber blood vessel. In the absence of appropriate autologous vascular grafts, an alternative prosthesis must be constructed for cardiovascular disease patients. The aim of this article is to describe the advances in making cell-seeded cardiovascular prostheses. It also discusses the combinations of types of scaffolds and cells, especially autologous stem cells, which are suitable for application in tissue-engineered vessels with the favorable properties of mechanical strength, antithrombogenicity, biocompliance, anti-inflammation, fatigue resistance and long-term durability. This article highlights the advancements in cellular tissue-engineered vessels in recent years.

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