Relationship of the Incidence of C-shaped Root Canal Configurations of Mandibular First Premolars with Distolingual Roots in Mandibular First Molars in a Taiwanese Population: A Cone-beam Computed Tomographic Study

Yu Chiao Wu, Yi Wen Cathy Tsai, Wan Chien Cheng, Pei Wei Weng, Chi Chun Su, Ho Sheng Chiang, Ming Pang Chung, Chi Hsiang Chung, Yi Shing Shieh, Ren Yeong Huang

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Introduction: The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of C-shaped canal configurations (CSs) and radicular grooves (RGs) in permanent mandibular first premolars (MPs) and to investigate the relevance of such complexities with the presence of distolingual roots (DLRs) in permanent mandibular first molars (MMs). Methods: A total of 800 pairs of MPs and MMs were investigated using a cone-beam computed tomographic system (NewTom 5G; QR srl, Verona, Italy). The frequency and symmetry of DLRs in MMs along with the occurrence of RGs and CSs in examined MPs were evaluated. Multivariable logistic regression analysis was applied to examine the correlation between the CSs of MPs with the appearance of DLRs in MMs. Results: In the examined teeth, 23.0% of MMs had a DLR, whereas 16.6% of MPs had RGs and 12.5% of MPs had C-shaped canals. Although the most common canal configuration in MPs is the single canal (74.1%), the other 25.9% still possess complicated root canals. Of these MPs that have different canal configurations, 54.6% had 2 canals, whereas 44.4% had CSs. Specifically, the CS showed a high prevalence of C3 morphologies at 98.9% followed by C1 at 1.1%. A corresponding and increasing frequency was noted in CSs and RGs of MPs and MMs with DLRs (P <.001). After adjusting for related categoric variables, the adjusted odds ratios for CSs of MPs in the bilateral DLR group compared with the non-DLR group was 3.294 (P <.001). Conclusions: This study showed an increased appearance of CSs in MPs when DLRs were present in MMs in the Taiwanese population.
期刊Journal of Endodontics
出版狀態接受/付印 - 一月 1 2018


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