Rearrangement of bcl‐2 genes in malignant lymphomas in chinese patients

Po‐Min ‐M Chen, Siu‐Huie ‐H Lin, Masao Seto, Shu‐Chauo ‐C Chao, Tzeon‐Jye ‐J Chiou, Rucy‐Kuen ‐K Hsieh, Ching‐Zong ‐Z Lin, Sheng Fan, Cheng‐Hwai ‐H Tzeng, Ryuzo Ueda, Jin‐Hwang ‐H Liu

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Background. Only a small percentage of Asian patients with non‐Hodgkin lymphoma may have follicular type disease. According to molecular analysis done recently, the incidence of rearrangement of bcl‐2 gene in patients with follicular lymphoma was lower in Japan than in the United States, suggesting possible geographic or racial differences between Asian and Western populations. The current study was undertaken to obtain data from Taiwan to compare with data from Japan, Hong Kong, and Western countries. Methods. Using probes of genomic 5′ bcl‐2, major breakpoint region (mbr) and minor breakpoint cluster region (mcr) for the breakpoint cluster region of the bcl‐2 gene, genomic DNA samples from 55 patients with B‐cell lymphoma (17 with follicular type and 38 with diffuse type) were analyzed by Southern blot analysis. Results. Eleven patients had bcl‐2 gene rearrangement, including 9 of 17 (52.9%) patients with follicular lymphoma and 2 of 38 (5.3%) patients with diffuse B‐cell lymphoma. Nine patients had the breakpoint located within the mbr, one at both the mbr and the 5′ bcl‐2 regions, and the other had bcl‐2 translocation with involvement of the mcr. DNA fragment of bcl‐2 was found to comigrate with JH genes in all patients with follicular lymphoma and diffuse lymphoma who had bcl‐2 rearrangement at mbr. The remaining patient who had bcl‐2 translocation at mcr had no comigration with JH, Jk, or Cλ genes. Conclusions. Despite the low incidence of follicular lymphoma in Chinese patients, the incidence of bcl‐2 gene involvement was higher in patients from Taiwan than in those from Japan and Hong Kong, but similar to the incidence of those from Western countries.
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