Quantitative pinch stimulator for exploring evoked nociceptive responses: A pilot study

Chih Ping Chen, Wen Li Liao, Yi Li Tseng, Pen Li Lu, Yu Chun Lo, You Yin Chen, Fu Shan Jaw

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Background: A mechanical noxious stimulator is useful for studies of pain, both for clinic and basic research. We propose to use a pinch stimulator that can not only generate a quantitative, reproducible noxious pinch but also simultaneously provide a synchronous external trigger signal, which is essential for acquisition of evoked potentials. Methods: For ethical considerations, audible and visual aids were incorporated so that pinch force could be regulated within a predetermined level. Reproducibility of the nociceptive responses evoked by this device was validated. The device was constructed with a simple circuit, and the element build-in was delicately selected for the minimum required to produce evoked potentials. Results: The magnitude of the force output is linearly proportional to the volts produced by the device (i.e., during the pinch). Increases in force correspond to increases in the number of action potentials induced. Conclusions: This device may be useful for studying the mechanisms of nociceptive signal processing in the brain through application of reproducible, noxious pinch stimuli.
期刊BioMedical Engineering Online
出版狀態已發佈 - 十一月 24 2010

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