Quantitative Analysis of Glucose Metabolic Cleavage in Glucose Transporters Overexpressed Cancer Cells by Target-Specific Fluorescent Gold Nanoclusters

Tsai Mu Cheng, Hsueh Liang Chu, Yi Cheng Lee, Di Yan Wang, Che Chang Chang, Kuan Lan Chung, Hung Chi Yen, Chu Wen Hsiao, Xi Yu Pan, Tsung Rong Kuo, Chia Chun Chen

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The glucose metabolism rate in cancer cells is a crucial piece of information for the cancer aggressiveness. A feasible method to monitor processes of oncogenic mutations has been demonstrated in this work. The fluorescent gold nanoclusters conjugated with glucose (glucose-AuNCs) were successfully synthesized as a cancer-targeting probe for glucose transporters (Gluts) overexpressed by U-87 MG cancer cells, which can be observed under confocal microscopy. The structural and optical characterizations of fluorescent glucose-AuNCs were confirmed by transmission electron microscope (TEM) and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). The MTT assay exhibited the high biocompatibility of water-soluble glucose-AuNCs for further biomedical applications. The glucose metabolic cleavage of glucose-AuNCs by glycolytic enzymes from U-87 MG cancer cell was measured by fluorescence change of glucose-AuNCs. The fluorescence change based on the integrated area under fluorescence spectra (At) of glucose-AuNCs was plotted as a function of different reaction time (t) with glycolytic enzymes. The fitted curve of At versus t showed the first-order kinetics to explain the mechanism of glucose metabolic cleavage rate of glucose-AuNCs by glycolytic enzymes. The rate constant k could be utilized to determine the glucose metabolism rate of glucose-AuNCs for the quantitative analysis of cancer aggressiveness. Our work provides a practical application of target-specific glucose-AuNCs as a fluorescence probe to analyze the glucose metabolism in Gluts overexpressed cancer cells.
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期刊Analytical Chemistry
出版狀態已發佈 - 三月 20 2018


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