Purification and characterization of Ophiophagus hannah cytotoxin-like proteins

Long Sen Chang, Ku Chung Chen, Shinne Ren Lin, Hsien Bin Huang

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Three cytotoxin-like proteins from the venom of Ophiophagus hannah were isolated by a combination of ion exchange chromatography and reverse phase HPLC. Amino acid sequence analysis revealed that these proteins all consisted of 63 amino acids and shared approximate 50% and 56% sequence identity with Naja naja atra cardiotoxins and cardiotoxin-like basic proteins (CLBPs), respectively. CD spectra revealed that their secondary structure was dominated with β-sheet as those noted with cardiotoxins and CLBPs. O. hannah cytotoxin-like protein exhibited a cell-lytic activity on SK-N-SH cells, but its activity was more weak than that noted for N. naja atra cardiotoxin 3. Alternatively, apoptotic cell death was induced by the addition of N. naja atra CLBP. Based on the sequence information with the toxin molecules, the functional residues and regions related to the differential activity with O. hannah cytotoxin-like protein, cardiotoxin and CLBP are discussed.

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