Profile of evidence-based practice among respiratory therapists in Taiwan

Yi Hao Weng, Ken N. Kuo, Chiehfeng Chen, Chun Yuh Yang, Heng Lien Lo, Ya Wen Chiu

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BACKGROUND: Evidence-based practice (EBP) has been proposed as a core competence to improve healthcare quality. The profile of EBP among respiratory therapists (RTs) has not been explored. We investigated how RTs in Taiwan perceive the implementation of EBP. METHODS: We surveyed RTs in Taiwan's regional hospitals during a 4-month period in 2011. RESULTS: A majority of RTs were aware of EBP (88.0%). Although most RTs held a favorable impression of EBP, their knowledge of and skill in EBP implementation were deficient. Only half of the RTs had implemented EBP. Insufficient convenient kits (59.1%), deficient designated personnel (50.0%), and lack of time (45.5%) were major barriers to implementing EBP. RTs rated MEDLINE as the most commonly used evidence-based retrieval database, followed by UpToDate, the Cochrane Library, MD Consult, ProQuest, CINAHL, DynaMed, and Micromedex. Multivariate regression analyses demonstrated sufficient skill in EBP and use of online databases as favorable factors for implementing EBP. In contrast, barriers of time constraint and insufficient knowledge were unfavorable factors for the implementation of EBP. CONCLUSIONS: EBP is not widespread among RTs in Taiwan. We have identified important factors in the implementation of EBP. The data provide valuable evidence for plotting strategies for disseminating EBP implementation.

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期刊Respiratory Care
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