Predictors of health-care needs in discharged burn patients

C. Y. Liang, Hsian-Jenn Wang, K. P. Yao, H. H. Pan, K. Y. Wang

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Patients' health-care needs are an important issue, but have not been studied in the burn field. The aims of this study were to explore discharged burn patients' health-care needs and related factors. This cross-sectional study used convenience sampling and four questionnaires, including basic information, Mental Status Inventory, Burn Patients' Social Support and Burn Patients' Healthcare Needs for data collection. There were 93 adults, injured on average 45% of total body surface area, who completed the study. Results indicated that the level of psychosocial care needs were higher than physiological needs. The level of physiological care needs changed over time, but psychosocial needs did not change. Self-reported psychosocial needs and physiological care needs correlated with each other. The multiple regressions showed that the most important predictors of overall health-care needs were numbers of visible scarred areas, time since discharge and previous psychiatric history. The findings revealed the burn patients provided clinically useful information and supported further evaluation in the area of care needs for burn patients.

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