Polymeric micelle gene delivery of bcl-xL via eye drop reduced corneal apoptosis following epithelial debridement

Yaw Chong Tong, Shwu Fen Chang, Winston W Y Kao, Chia Yang Liu, Jiahorng Liaw

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Stromal keratocyte apoptosis triggered by epithelial injury is one mechanism of corneal disorders. A model of epithelial injury by epithelial debridement is established, and keratocyte apoptosis is evidenced by DNA fragmentation and cellular morphological changes in the anterior stroma underlying the injured epithelium. Delivery of plasmid (pCMV-bcl-xL-eGFP) encoding an anti-apoptotic gene, the bcl-xL with a nano-carrier, polymeric micelles (PM) via eye drop to cornea after epithelial debridement, the mRNA level of bcl-xL was significantly increased (2.2-fold, PL-eGFP fusion protein was also detected in wounded cornea at 48h after delivery, accompanying with decreased DNA fragmentation and lower caspase-3 activity (PL-eGFP/PM reduced corneal apoptosis following epithelial debridement.

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期刊Journal of Controlled Release
出版狀態已發佈 - 十月 2010

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