Poly-gamma-glutamic acid functions as an effective lubricant with antimicrobial activity in multipurpose contact lens care solutions

Chen Ying Su, Ching Li Tseng, Shu Hsuan Wu, Bo Wu Shih, Yi Zhou Chen, Hsu Wei Fang

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In order to perform the multiple functions of disinfection, cleansing, and storage, preservatives are often added to contact lens care solutions. The disadvantage of adding preservatives is that this often causes various eye conditions. However, lens care solutions would not be able to disinfect in the absence of such preservatives. In addition, comfort is an important issue for contact lens wearers due to the long periods of time they are worn. It has been shown that lower friction coefficients are correlated with increased comfort. We have previously developed a multipurpose contact lens care solution in which poly-gamma-glutamic acid ( -PGA) was the main ingredient. In this study, we investigated the antimicrobial activity and lubricating property of our care solution. We showed that there was a synergetic effect of -PGA and chlorine dioxide on antimicrobial activity. We also demonstrated that -PGA functioned as a lubricating agent. Our results provided evidence of -PGA acting as a multi-functional polymer that could be applied in contact lens care solutions.

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