Photoinactivation of bladder tumor cells by methylene blue: Study of a variety of tumor and normal cells

D. S. Yu, S. Y. Chang, C. P. Ma

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Human bladder cancer cell lines, J82, Yen-87, Shen-87 and Zoa-88, and murine bladder cancer cell lines, MBT-2 and M1660, were used as target cells for dye-sensitized photoinactivation study in using methylene blue. Normal fibroblast cells, FB-1 and FB8490, were used as control group. The cytoplasmic activity of lactic dehydrogenase, soft agar clonogenic assay, and in vivo tumor growth, survival rate and tumor taking rate with or without photoinactivation were monitored and compared between different cell lines. Efficacy of photoinactivation was time-related and more than 90 per cent of cytotoxicity could be obtained within 60 minutes of illumination. The plateau of cytotoxicity curve could be achieved after staining for 30 minutes by methylene blue under the same illumination time. Normal fibroblasts had the same features with cancer cells. Photoinactivation of tumor cells showed significant inhibition of tumor growth and tumor taking rate in experimental animals. Survival rate was also significantly prolonged in the animals with tumor cells receiving photoinactivation. These results suggest that methylene blue-sensitized photoinactivation may be useful as an adjuvant photochemotherapy for superficial bladder cancer.

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期刊Journal of Urology
出版狀態已發佈 - 1月 1 1990

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