Paradigm shifting in community building and knowledge production: The taiwan journey of professor byron good

Duujian Tsai

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    This review considers health professionalism in community practices within a Taiwan social-historical context. The author adopted a contrast-of-context approach to examine the community practices of Taiwan health professionals and intellectual transformation of Professor Byron Good. Focusing on the formation of an international collaborative platform for community mental health, this paper articulates the historical and social values of community health practices, identifies the essence of health practices, and highlights the significance of the Taiwan experience to advancing community mental practice worldwide. It furthermore underscores the strategic role of Taiwan in efforts to bridge Asian community health knowledge with that of the world. This essay first introduces the recent establishment of the international collaborative platform. Community psychiatric rehabilitation practices in Taiwan are then contrasted with the worldwide de-institutionalization intellectual movement. Paradigm shifts in the academic pursuits and intellectual journey of Professor Byron Good are then delineated, then community practices and social missions of Taiwan health professionals are contrasted. The implied connotations of health professionalism and bioethics in large-scale social change are explored next. This paper integrates relationships amongst community practice, health professionalism and civil society. Professor Byron Good and other friends, either domestic or international, will work together to highlight the new values embedded in recent Taiwan experience and the contributions such have made to global knowledge production.

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    期刊Journal of Nursing
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