Orally administered resveratrol enhances the therapeutic effect of autologous transplanted adipose-derived stem cells on rats with diabetic hepatopathy

T. S. Chen, C. H. Lai, C. Y. Shen, P. Y. Pai, R. J. Chen, V. PadmaViswanadha, C. K. Yang, M. C. Chen, Y. M. Lin, C. Y. Huang

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Stem cell therapy is a promising treatment for hepatopathy due to diabetes mellitus (DM); oral resveratrol treatment exhibits protective effects. We investigated whether protective effects could be produced in liver of diabetic rats receiving autologous adipose-derived stem cell transplantation (ADSC) plus oral resveratrol administration. Male rats were divided into four groups: sham group; streptozotocin induced DM group; DM + ADSC group, in which DM rats were treated with 106 stem cells/rat; and DM + R + ADSC group, in which DM rats were treated with ADSC and oral resveratrol. The DM group exhibited apoptosis, inflammation and fibrosis, whereas Sirt-1 and survival signaling were suppressed. Pathological conditions other than survival signaling were improved in the DM + ADSC group. All pathological conditions were improved in the DM + R + ADSC group. Also, the oxidative stress level in the blood was reduced in the DM + R + ADSC group compared to the sham group. Oral resveratrol administration appears to reduce oxidative damage and enhances survival signaling in diabetic liver. The therapeutic response in the DM + R + ADSC group was better than in the DM + ADSC group.
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期刊Biotechnic and Histochemistry
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