Neuropsychiatry: An old discipline in a new gestalt bridging biological psychiatry, neuropsychology, and cognitive neurology

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The recent developments of psychiatry getting better insight into the biological basis of psychiatric disorders questions the old division between psychiatry and neurology. The present paper focus on the concept of neuropsychiatry, its historical antecedents and closely associated disciplines like biological psychiatry, behavioral neurology and neuropsychology. A special emphasis is put on the question of function and localization; the suggestions are made that the concept of neuronal integration may bridge the often discussed gap between localization and holism in the relation between function and brain regions. Examples of different mechanisms of neuronal integration are discussed and applied to specific neuropsychiatric disorders. It is concluded that the concept of neuronal integration may offer an appropriate conceptual tool to establish the concept of neuropsychiatry in a new and meaningful gestalt at the interface between biological psychiatry, neuropychology and cognitive neurology.
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