Yu-Shiang Lin (发明人), Fujun SUN (发明人)

研究成果: 專利


A negative ionizer air purifier is disclosed and it includes a housing, discharge terminals and a fan. The housing is defined with receiving holes corresponding to the discharge terminals, which are disposed through the respective receiving holes. The fan is disposed inside the housing, on which is provided with airflow passages through which the airflow produced by the fan can drive the air near the discharge terminals to move. Thus, the speed of the airflow surrounding near the discharge terminals can be accelerated, such that more air which is not negatively charged can fill in the working area in the vicinity of the discharge terminals, and the air that is already negatively charged can be driven away as quickly as possible, hence the efficiency of the negative ionizer air purifier can be significantly improved.
IPCB03C 3/41(2006.01); B03C 3/36(2006.01); B03C 3/66(2006.01); B03C 3/82(2006.01)
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