Motorcyclists violating hook-turn area at intersections in Taiwan: An observational study

Chih Wei Pai, Jiun Jia Hsu, Jia Lin Chang, Ming Shin Kuo

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Research has suggested that the most typical and catastrophic automobile-motorcycle crash takes place when an automobile manoeuvres into the path of an oncoming motorcycle at intersection, which involves a motorist infringing upon the motorcycle's right of way (ROW). In Taiwan, motorcycles, on the other hand, are the one that has been observed to violate the ROW of approaching automobiles at intersections. Such a ROW-violation by left-turn motorcyclists in front of approaching traffic is a safety problem in terms of its frequency and accident consequence. Using high-definition video cameras to capture motorcycles' behaviours, the present study empirically analyses the determinants of motorcyclists violating the hook-turn area (HTA) that has been implemented in Taiwan to deter motorcyclists from violating the ROW of approaching vehicles. Mixed (random parameters) logit models are found to be superior in fitting the data to traditional binary logit models. Main findings include that there was an increased likelihood of HTA-violation at T/Y intersections, in rural areas, during non rush hours, when the riders were females, younger, when riders were travelling on mopeds or heavier motorcycles, when traffic volume was less, and when riders were with half-style helmets. Implications of the research findings, the concluding remarks, and recommendations for future research are finally provided.

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期刊Accident Analysis and Prevention
出版狀態已發佈 - 2013

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