Microtia reconstruction with adjuvant 3-dimensional template model

Zung Chung Chen, Philip Kuo Ting Chen, Kai Fong Hung, Lun Jou Lo, Yu Ray Chen

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For auricular reconstruction of external auricle, the goals of the surgery are (1) in the fabrication of the morphologically complete 3-dimensional costal cartilage framework (3-dimensional frame) of the auricle, and (2) in the attainment of ample skin surface area to cover the grafted 3-dimensional frame, so that more than satisfactory results can be achieved. In review of the published literature, the cartilage framework used for auricular reconstruction is either insufficient or incomplete in the fabrication of the anatomic structures or inappropriate in proportion. We herein introduce the 3-dimensional resin template model (3-dimensional template model) and 3-dimensional frame used in our daily surgical practice. The 3-dimensional template model is proportionally fabricated with all the essential morphologic structures of the auricle. It can be used intraoperatively for reference in fabricating the 3-dimensional frame and simulation of the surgery. The 3-dimensional template model is very useful as an adjuvant tool in adjusting the skin flaps, prevention of mistake in fabrication of the 3-dimensional frame, and for educational purposes of junior resident surgeons.
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期刊Annals of Plastic Surgery
出版狀態已發佈 - 九月 1 2004

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