Metal ions in Biology and Medicine: Cancer incidence and arsenic exposure among residents of Lanyang Basin in Taiwan

J.A. Centeno, Hung-Yi Chiou, Yi Li Chou, Hee-Wen Teh, Chin Hsiao Tseng, Chien Jen Chen

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The objective of the 6th ISMIBM is to foster exchange of opinions between professionals and specialists working on analysis, research and applications of metal ions, trace elements and minerals in biological, biochemical, medical sciences, toxicology and environmental health. The scientific program, composed of plenary and concurrent sessions, and poster presentations is designed to promote intensive and productive dialogue among experts in these fields. A special program with short courses and mini-symposia have also been organised, featuring specialised areas including toxicology, analysis, pathology, remediation strategies, and environmental medicine. Original contributions (oral and/or poster presentations) are invited on the following themes: Metals and Environmental Health; Molecular Toxicology of Metals; Carcinogenicity of Metals; Speciation of Metals and Other Elements; Uses of Metals in Clinical Applications; Metals and Disease: Environmental and Toxicologic Pathology; Epidemiology and Occupational Health; Metals and Aging; Metals and Homeostasis; Effects of Low and High Nutritional Trace Element Status; Metals and Hormone Actions; Metals and Enzyme Activity; Metals and Chelation Therapy; Health Effects of Arsenic; Risk Assessment of Trace Element Status and Health; Advanced Methods for the Analysis of Trace Elements and Metal Ions.
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出版狀態已發佈 - 2000


姓名Metal ions
發行者John Libbey Eurotext