(-)-Menthol inhibits WEHI-3 leukemia cells in vitro and in vivo

Hsu Fung Lu, Jia You Liu, Shu Ching Hsueh, Yi Yuan Yang, Jai Sing Yang, Tsu Wei Tan, Lai Fong Kok, Chi Cheng Lu, Sheng Huei Lan, Shan Ying Wu, Shiu Shin Liao, Siu Wan Ip, Jing Gung Chung

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(-)-Menthol ([1-α]-5-methyl-2-[1-methylethyl]-cyclohexanol), is a widely used flavoring ingredient in mouthwash, foods, toothpaste and cigarettes. The studies reported here revealed that (-)-menthol induced cytotoxicity against murine leukemia WEHI-3 cells in vitro in a dose-dependent manner. The effects of (-)-menthol on WEHI-3 cells in vivo (BALB/c mice) were also examined, and it was observed that the Mac-3 and CD11b markers were decreased, indicating inhibition of differentiation of the precursor of macrophage and granulocyte. The weights of liver and spleen samples from mice treated with (-)-menthol were found to be decreased compared to untreated animals.

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期刊In Vivo
出版狀態已發佈 - 3月 2007

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