Mechanical alloyed Ti-Cu-Ni-Si-B amorphous alloys with significant supercooled liquid region

I. Kuan Jeng, Pee Yew Lee, Jium Shyong Chen, Rong Ruey Jeng, Chien Hung Yeh, Chung Kwei Lin

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This study examined the glass formation range of Ti 94-x-yCu xNi ySi 4B 2 alloy powders synthesized by mechanical alloying technique. According to the results, after 5-7 h of milling, the mechanically alloyed powders were amorphous at compositions with (x+y) equal to 20-40%. For the compositions with (x+y) larger than 45% or smaller than 10%, the structure of ball-milled powders is a partial amorphous single phase or coexistent partial amorphous and crystalline phases, respectively. The thermal stability of the amorphous powders was also investigated by differential thermal analysis. As the results demonstrated, several amorphous powders were found to exhibit a wide supercooled liquid region before crystallization. The temperature interval of the supercooled liquid region defined by the difference between T g and T x, i.e. ΔT(=T x-T g), are 52 K for Ti 74Ni 20Si 4B 2, 74 K for Ti 64Ni 30Si 4B 2, 58 K for Ti 64Cu 20Ni 10Si 4B 2, and 61 K for Ti 74Cu 10Ni 10Si 4B 2.
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