Maternal and female fetal virilization caused by pregnancy luteomas

Yu Chi Wang, Her Young Su, Jah Yao Liu, Fung Wei Chang, Chi Huang Chen

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Objective: To present the maternal and female fetal virilization caused by excessive androgen secretion of pregnancy luteomas. Design: Case report. Setting: University-based teaching hospital. Patient(s): A nulligravida woman suffering from bilateral hydronephrosis and recurrent acute pyelonephritis caused by bilateral solid ovarian tumors presented virilization during the third trimester. Without prompt surgical intervention, the maternal hyperandrogenemia returned to a normal level and regression of bilateral ovarian tumors occurred spontaneously after a female fetus with clitoral hypertrophy and temporal hyperandrogenemia was delivered. In spite of lacking histology, the clinical course is compared to that of pregnancy luteomas. Intervention(s): Noninvasive imaging assessment. Main Outcome Measure(s): Maternal and female fetal virilization. Result(s): Regression of androgen-secreting pregnancy luteomas and hyperandrogenism during the puerperium but apparent female fetal clitoral hypertrophy. Conclusion(s): The maternal and female fetal virilization was caused by exaggerating androgen secretion of bilateral ovarian solid tumors. Spontaneous regression of ovarian tumors and hyperandrogenemia during the puerperium is the natural course of pregnancy luteomas, not true neoplasms.

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