Low-Cost Gel Polymer Electrolyte for High-Performance Aluminum-Ion Batteries

Zhidong Liu, Xiaohang Wang, Zhiyuan Liu, Shuqing Zhang, Zichuan Lv, Yanyan Cui, Li Du, Kaiming Li, Guoxin Zhang, Meng Chang Lin, Huiping Du

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The classical AlCl3/imidazole-chloride-salt ionic liquid electrolytes are expensive, corrosive, and environmentally sensitive, which limit the large-scale application of aluminum-ion batteries. Herein, a gel polymer electrolyte is prepared through a facile process using a low-cost AlCl3/Et3NHCl ionic liquid as the plasticizer and polyamide as the polymer matrix. The gel polymer electrolyte achieves a decent ionic conductivity of 3.86 × 10-3 S cm-1, a wide electrochemical stability window of 2.6 V (vs Al), and long-term interfacial stability at room temperature. The assembled Al//graphite battery delivers considerable rate capability and excellent cycling performance. Besides, the gel polymer electrolyte can alleviate both moisture sensitivity and leakage corrosion issues owing to the full encapsulation of the ionic liquid by polyamide polymeric matrix. The gel polymer electrolyte should offer great potential for aluminum-ion battery applications.
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期刊ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
出版狀態已發佈 - 6月 23 2021

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