Legionnaires' disease in an immunocompetent young adult.

H. C. Tsai, S. S. Lee, W. R. Lin, C. K. Huang, Y. S. Chen, S. R. Wann, H. H. Lin, M. Y. Yen, Y. C. Liu

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Infection with Legionella pneumophila (LP) is a rare cause of pneumonia in previously healthy young adults. Pleural effusion is relatively common in Legionnaires' disease but is usually clinically insignificant. Herein we describe an immunocompetent, 19-year-old female with LP respiratory infection that presented with pleural effusion and mild interstitial infiltrates in the lower lungs. She received 3 weeks' treatment with erythromycin and rifampin and recovered completely. Diagnosis was based on serology testing with a four-fold rise of the antibody titer in the acute and convalescent phase. Legionnaires' disease should be considered in the differential diagnosis of culture-negative pleural effusion in immunocompetent young adults.

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期刊Kaohsiung Journal of Medical Sciences
出版狀態已發佈 - 六月 2001

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