Kinetic studies of the photochemical decomposition of alkannin/shikonin enantiomers

Fu An Chen, Hui Wen Cheng, An-Bang Wu, Hsing Chu Hsu, Chau Yang Chen

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The photodegradation of alkannin/shikonin (A/S) was studied as a function of solvent polarity, pH and ionic strength. This process follows an apparent first-order kinetic reaction. The photodegradation rate is inversely proportional to the solvent polarity in the order of chloroform > dichloromethane > 2-propanol > ethanol > methanol. The rate-pH profile reveals that A/S is more stable in an acidic condition: marginally subject to specific acid or base catalysis and is affected by two ionizable groups on the molecule. Ionic strength does not affect the photochemical decomposition rate at pH 5, 9 or 12.

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期刊Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin
出版狀態已發佈 - 一月 1996

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