Intraventricular lymphoma. A case report

Y. C. Lo, C. K. Chang, L. S. Lin, F. C. Huang

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A 72 year-old lady suffered from consciousness deterioration. A preoperative computed tomography scan of the head revealed enhancing tumors in both lateral ventricles. Emergency operation was performed and a pathologic diagnosis of malignant lymphoma with diffuse large B cells was made. Abdominal CT was also performed and multiple enlarged lymph nodes were noted in the region of the left adrenal gland. The diagnosis of the central nervous system lesion was therefore intraventricular lymphoma. Unfortunately, the patient expired due to sepsis a few weeks after surgery. The pertinent literature regarding secondary central nervous system lymphoma is reviewed.
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期刊Formosan Journal of Surgery
出版狀態已發佈 - 1999

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