Integration of computer-assembled digital images and text data as evidence for the oncological record

J. M. Liu, H. W. Wu, W. S. Chen, W. C. Lin, Y. Chao, W. Y. Lui, J. Whang-Peng

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Digitally created visual images of pertinent patient data have been integrated with text information to formulate a visual evaluation and summary sheet (VESS) using computer processing. The VESS incorporates images of a patient's physical appearance, radiological images, pharmacokinetic graphs, and text information into a 1-page document of the patient's condition. Thus, computer processing of digital images and other information helps to refine patient data presentation, analysis, interpretation, and communication. This form of data management is especially valuable in oncological research, where clinical trials demand rapid, ongoing assessment of results and analysis of large amounts of data. The VESS is an effective mechanism for monitoring both the progress of individual patients and the endpoints of the overall clinical trial.
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期刊Journal of Digital Imaging
出版狀態已發佈 - 一月 1 2000


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