Improved consistency in dosing anti-tuberculosis drugs in Taipei, Taiwan

Chen Yuan Chiang, Ming Chih Yu, Hsiu Chen Shih, Muh Yong Yen, Yu Ling Hsu, Shiang Lin Yang, Tao Ping Lin, Kuan Jen Bai

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Background: It was reported that 35.5% of tuberculosis (TB) cases reported in 2003 in Taipei City had no recorded pre-treatment body weight and that among those who had, inconsistent dosing of anti-TB drugs was frequent. Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have taken actions to strengthen dosing of anti-TB drugs among general practitioners. Prescribing practices of anti-TB drugs in Taipei City in 2007-2010 were investigated to assess whether interventions on dosing were effective. Methodology/Principal Findings: Lists of all notified culture positive TB cases in 2007-2010 were obtained from National TB Registry at Taiwan CDC. A medical audit of TB case management files was performed to collect pretreatment body weight and regimens prescribed at commencement of treatment. Dosages prescribed were compared with dosages recommended. The proportion of patients with recorded pre-treatment body weight was 64.5% in 2003, which increased to 96.5% in 2007-2010 (p
期刊PLoS One
出版狀態已發佈 - 8月 27 2012

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